Landscape Grading

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Landscape Grading

Landscape Grading | A and B Landscaping - Fayetteville, GA

A and B Landscaping can do landscape grading of commercial or residential lots. Whether you need the lot graded for new construction or for better drainage, we have the experience and equipment needed to handle the job. Minor landscape grading can be done by the homeowner, but major work such as to correct serious drainage problems will require professional grading.

We can clear the land of dead trees, weeds, old ground cover or undesirable landscaping, grade the soil and lay down new sod if needed. We can plant new trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Or, we can just lay down new sod where needed.

In addition to the need for grading prior to construction, drainage issues often require some professional landscape grading. Sometimes drainage problems are just annoying, such as a low spot that becomes a giant puddle after heavy rain. Bad drainage can also leave behind muddy channels where rainfall runs off the property. Proper grading, including a retaining wall for some applications, can also stabilize the soil.

Other drainage problems can become a hazard, as when water runs toward the home or business. Channeling water away from a home is one common function for landscape grading. Sometimes it is desirable to direct water into a retention pond on the property. A and B Landscaping can create the retention pond and grade the land so water flows into the pond.

Aesthetic considerations might also make some serious landscape grading a good option. Creating a pleasant slope or small terraces in a large yard are two tasks that call for professional help. Landscape grading can be uses to direct foot traffic toward a particular entrance, or to a specific feature, like a gazebo or pool.

Not sure what you want to do after the land has been graded? We can help you design a new landscape, alter the property to suit and plant the trees and shrubs you want. A and B Landscaping can handle any size landscaping task, from a suburban front yard to a large commercial property or the grounds of a new apartment complex.

If you need land cleared and graded for new construction, we can do that as well. We serve customers throughout the Fayetteville, GA area. Contact us for a free quote today.

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