Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

Tree Removal | A and B Landscaping - Fayetteville, GA

Sometimes tree removal can’t be avoided. This is not a do-it-yourself task much of the time. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, let A and B Landscaping get rid of it for you. Those old trees can become a fire hazard, and can damage other property by dropping limbs on a car or a power line for example.

Trees that have grown too close to a building sometimes need removed, not trimmed back. These trees can fall over and damage the building, or cause damage that’s more subtle, as roots grow under the house and intrude on walls or foundations. Those trees might also damage utility lines and sewers.

Diseased and bug-infested trees can be a threat to nearby trees, both from the pests and from the risk of the dying tree falling over. Those trees sometimes are best removed, rather than treated. A dying tree that is no threat to structures or utilities can be left alone, but in many cases, a tree removal service should be contacted.

Stump removal is also a good idea for the some of the same reasons that tree removal makes sense. The roots under a stump continue to grow, possibly damaging plumbing or other buried utilities. The stump can also be a haven for bees, yellow jackets or other unpleasant insect species.

Tree removal is a potentially dangerous project, one that experienced and insured professional should handle. Don’t risk having the tree damage your own property or the neighbor’s property. And don’t risk injury to yourself either. Leave the tree removal to a licensed and insured landscaper.

Tree trimming is also a potentially risky task. Power lines are a real hazard. The risk of falling or being injured by a sharp blade or chainsaw can’t be eliminated either. For all but the simplest tree-trimming projects, you might be better off to consult a professional landscaping firm.

Whether you need trimming or removal of a tree, A and B Landscaping can help. We can handle any type of residential or commercial tree removal job anywhere in the Fayetteville, GA area. Contact us today for a quote today.

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